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Avocado Earrings

Angela Falcone

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Avocado Earrings
Avocado Earrings

Introducing our delightful Avocado earrings with heart-shaped pits! These unique earrings are perfect for avocado enthusiasts and anyone who loves playful accessories. Each earring features a beautifully crafted avocado design with a heart-shaped pit, adding a touch of charm and affection to your look. The vibrant green exterior and intricate detailing make these earrings a standout piece for any occasion. Whether you're a foodie or simply appreciate fun and unique jewelry, these Avocado earrings with heart-shaped pits are a lovely addition to your collection. Celebrate your love for avocados in the sweetest way possible!

All laser cut earrings are on stainless steel ear wires.

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